Company history

In 1989 Mr. Chen started a business dealing with Asian food. Fuda trade s.r.o. was located in Prague, Kolbenova. At that time the company offered an assortment of about 200 products, ranging from dry to frozen goods imported mainly from China and Thailand, with the focus on rice supply. In the course of time the company became a major supplier for Chinese restaurants throughout the Czech Republic.

By end of 2007 Mr. Chen handed over the company to his daughter, Weiling Chen. In light of major changes in the political and economic environment in Europe within this decade, Mrs. Chen and her husband decided to cross national borders towards the European Union. Still keeping cooperation with China and Thailand, they started to work closely with firms located in the European Union: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, etc. At the same time the number of new customers began to expand beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, for example to Germany, Slovakia and Austria.

2008 was earmarked by big organizational changes. The company acquired a large plot in Úvaly u Prahy with larger warehouse and logistic facilities to meet the company’s increasing demand. Another major change was driven by the idea to be close to our customers. A sample store was established within the Asian complex SAPA in Prague 4 – Libuš.



Our assortiment is continuously expanding; at the moment we are proud to provide our customers with about 1000 different articles. To meet changing demand we are not only provider for traditional Chinese cuisine, but we also cover a broad variety of Asia’s fascinating cuisine - from Korean, Thai to Mongolian.

Our corporate strategy is based on this rule: be as close as possible to the customer. At first we are aiming to meet our customer needs and demands. After identification of customers needs we are striving to offer highest quality at competitive prices.


Company philosophy

Highest Quality Standards

High efficiency and rapidness

Excellence in all of our services

Customer Care